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. president obama has vowed to veto any bill that does not cover the food stamp provision. >> senator harry reid is moving forward with a plan. these new rules would require a simple majority to change senate rules as opposed to the 67 currently needed. and a filibuster would be broken with just 51 votes. just 51 instead of the current 60. the maneuver set up a war of words between the two top senate leaders. >> no majority leader wants written on his tombstone that he presided over the end of the senate. wel well, if this majority leader caves to the fringes and lets this happen, i'm afraid that's exactly what they'll write. >> these are dark days in the mystery of the senate. i hate that we have come to this point. we've witnessed the majority leader break his word to the united states senate. >> no matter how often my friend rudely talks about me not breaking my word, i'm not going to respond talking about how many times he's broken his word. >> elliott spitzer needed nearly 4,000 signatures to make a run for comptroller. get this, he got 27,000 of those signatures. it's possible his top
-nillie. are they on to something? it is the law, and law states you don't go changes the law. >> well, let's face it we wish obamacare would be repealed. but in face of that we'll take what we can get, right now obama is having to admit his system is not going to work. even if just for small businesses more time we can buy, the more apparent it will be this system is false, today, they came out with fact that smokers when were originally going to be penalized they can't figure out how to penalize them, that glitch will not be fixed for a year, more time we get people to show the train wreck, more time to prove that obamacare needs to be abolished. neil: i was talking with lawyers earlier, who said when you have a law, unless you alter the enforce provisions you can do on your own but changes the daitz andate,andism implementation, yt do that without congress. >> you can get sued. this is is his law, he can't say, that passed congress, but i am going to enforce the parts that i like. neil: he is hearing from folks who say, we cannot do this. >> that is not law that was passed. >> you hate this law? >> absolu
stopped for speeding. >>> big change in america's involvement in afghanistan. all u.s. troops may be coming home sooner than expected. president obama reportedly considering speeding up the timetable because of his frustration with afghan president hamid karzai. plans to leave a small residual force behind. now, the u.s. is considering leaving no troops on the ground. >>> the president of venezuela confirms that his country has gotten aan asylum request from edward snowden. bolivia and nicaragua said they would grant snowden asylum. >>> chantele taking aim at the caribbean. she is expected the make landfall in barbados and puerto rico. forecasters say she could turn into a hurricane before reaching haiti and the dominican republic tomorrow. it's expected that it will weaken before getting to the bahamas. >>> let's look at the weather across the nation. hot and humid for much of the east coast and ohio valley. showers and thunderstorms in the carolinas into the atlanta and gulf coast area with some severe storms, hail, gusty winds in the midwest. and showers in the desert southwest
senator from illinois named obama said if the senate broke the rules to change the rules, the fighting, the bitterness and the gridlock would only get worse. he was right about that. so what i'm saying to president obama and his friends on the far left is this: the facts show you're getting treated pretty darned well on nominations as it is. but if you'd like more confirmed, if, for instance, you want the senate to confirm your nominees to the nlrb, don't send us nominations already been declared illegal by the courts. don't send us nominees that have already been declared illegal by the courts. we've already said that's not going to happen. you know you can't look americans in the eye and say you'd vote for such a thing if you were in the minority. so don't expect us to. but if you send us fresh picks, we'll happily give them a fair hearing just as we've been doing all along with all the rest of the president's nominees. almost all of them have been confirmed. most of them have been confirmed almost unanimously. because we in america know that majorities of either party will never get
? but he was saved by president obama executive privilege. could that change with the death toll pushing now to 200 plus? robert hire is the cousin of brian terry and the chairman of honor brian robert, are you outraged nothing has been done? >> well, first off, we're horrified whenever a police officer is killed in the line of duty, whether it's a border patrol agent or a police officer deep in the heart of mexico. it's horrific for the community. it's horrific for the families and our condolences go out to those families of the officers that were killed. >> brian: do you feel as though -- and by the way, you have your attorney with you, he's a lawyer for the whole terry family. robert, do you feel as though the government addressed your cousin's death to the way in which you want it? >> well, we're still looking for answers. this investigation, this information that possible guns from fast and furious were used in these murders, if, in fact, true, demonstrate that these weapons are still out there and present a clear and present danger to law enforcement on both sides of the
says things that are members do not agree with -- president obama introduced a budget that did not go anywhere but did include cuts to social security. it would change the way inflation were measured. members strongly opposed that proposal. our partners organized a series of actions including a big rally in d.c., backed up by hundreds of thousands of moveon members. our members have a great deal of respect for the president. when he stands up on progressive values, they are right there with him. when he takes positions he disagrees with, they let them know that as well. host: what about the reactions to nsa surveillance programs? guest: we have seen a great deal of attention about this blanket vacuuming up of information from americans. moveon has joined a coalition called stop watching us and other organizations that are calling for the hatred act to be reforms, for there to be accountability for elected officials that have supported this program. members are questioning whether this kind of surveillance approach is necessary to keep us safe or healthy for our democracy. organizing i
the rules changing, they should approve three qualified people. no one suggests there's anything wrong with any of them. there were reported because the republicans forced president obama to do that. there will be note -- there will be no further votes. the next vote is monday at 5:30 p.m.. >> i am trying to avoid laughter. the two nlrb nominees were sent on december 15, 2011. before the paperwork on here, two weeks later the president recessed appointed them. delay? the paperwork had not even arrived. the committee could not do anything with them. a couple of weeks later, they were recess appointed. that is not my definition of a delay. by any objective standards. is -- he issue prepared to break the rules of the senate to change the rules of the senate for three nominees who were unconstitutionally appointed according to the federal circuit court in washington dc. that, the majority leader proposes to use the nuclear option? and commentary on today's senate. >> the majority leader. >> the senate crated by the republicans -- this role change, he gives talking about a rule change. ther
of congress, both presidents, president bush, president obama, i think a lot has changed to the positive. that is why this is a more unusual circumstance. 20 years ago this would be the usual thing that happens. this is unusual largely because the fbi is sharing much better now than it did before. so i don't have the answer to, and i think that's what your inquiry is about. i don't know why che didn't -- they didn't go to the local police, not only to warn them but to ask for their help and kind of solving this puzzle. was tsarnaev a terrorist or were the russians either wrong or misleading us, trying to get us involved in the whole chechneya problem. >> congressman thompson, i think it is still a problem, and at its nub, it's that people -- people generally will share now but they generally share once they determine that something is relevant to a terrorism investigation that someone else might be able to help them on. and that's too late. the fact is, you have to share volumes of information across the u.s. government, for example, travel information from dhs northeasts to -- needs to
a dramatic tuesday showdown in which republicans either will have to accept seven of president obama's controversial appointments or watch as democrats change the rules and end filibusters of executive branch nominees. host: here are other headlines. the senate is at war over nominees, "the wall street we also see politico. harry reid slamming mitch mcconnell, ready for the nuclear option. here to tell us more and explain how we've gotten to this point is the politico senior congressional reporter on the phone. thanks for talking with us. guest: good morning. host: first of all, give us a background of what this fight is over. who are these nominees and why are they controversial? guest: well, two of those seven by nees are opposed republicans. i should say, two groups of nominees. one, the national labor relations board. republicans have balingtsd over that board for years -- have battled over that board for years, and the other being the consumer financial protection bureau. heads that organization, but they have a fundamentally change them. and i'll take you back to the beginning
does. we are going to run him into the ground. this is a sad thing. i voted for barack obama twice. i thought america had changed. it is just the same thing. host: what is the solution? whoer: we have to remember we are, we are american citizens. we have to go back and change things. earth of all we have to stop being hateful to one another. this country has to come around and stop this thing. the votere right now control registration has turned it into a hellhole. statemonday i go to state capital protest drenched finish -- to protest against this evil right-wing registration. thanks for the call. democrats line from north carolina. the question, "is congress broken?" from rhode island, independent line, welcome to the conversation. caller: i believe congress is broken because on the first day , ifhe legislative session i am correct, the only time the senate rules can be changed -- i mentioned this to the senator when he was up for reelection they had the chance to change the rules but apparently harry reid believes that mitch mcconnell was going to play nice area of none of those pe
to temper the heated debate over a rule change proposed by democratic majority leader, harry reid. it would allow presidential nominations to pass with a simple majority. president obama has complained that republicans have held up his appointments for some two years now. joining me to talk about this, from the white house, with the latest, is nbc news's kirsten welker. good morning, kristen. the fight really got personal this week. how is the white house handling that? >> reporter: oh, it did get perm, betty, and very heated. look, senator reid is essentially threatening no use this nuclear option, which as you point out, would mean that executive branch nominees could get through the senate with 51 votes as opposed to the 60 that they currently need, essentially ending republicans' ability to filibuster. reid says this is necessary, because there is unprecedented obstructionism, but minority leader mitch mcconnell has said that if reid moves forward with this, he could go down in history as the worst leader of the senate ever. so it certainly did get personal. the white house has signaled
white house aides that change in part building frustration that president obama has with afghan president karzai. >> and mohamed morsi supporters want morsi reinstated. >> osama bin laden was walking around with a cowboy hat on? >> you know in a way that makes sense because it's going to provide shielding. in another way, if you really want to get noticed in pakistan walk around with a cowboy hat. >> i think it looks fantastic. we heard from the crowd how please they had were. >> that guy, that nsa leaker guy, edward snowden, here's how hot it is he's seeking asylum in antarctica. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by choice hotels. >>> i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason. charlie rose is off. for the first time this morning, we're hearing from the three women held prisoners for years in cleveland. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. >> ariel castro allegedly held the three women and a child he fathered with berry until three months ago. they spoke on a youtube video leased very early this morning. it was reco
for subsidies and last weeks, the employer man date would be delayed it is not inspiring confidence in obama care. how should the american public view the last-minute changes. >> there is two components. it is a undertaking. i agree with mark on that. and the administration was unrealistic in staying how long to implement it. if you have a preexisting condition, no longer you are able to throw off the health insurance if you have cancer. if you develop cancer, no longer will they throw you off the insurance rolls. >> and to your point, that is mark, the most popular component of obama care. preexisting condition. i will give you the last word. >> that is fine. there are popular components of obama care. but the bill is massively unpopular and waiving of the verification is fraud. 25 percent of the earned income tax go to people who are not eligible. if you apply that, it will be 250 billion in improper payments to the american people. that is a huge invitation of fraud. and a massive disaster of a bill. >> i agree. but let's fund this so we don't have to worry about the fraud. >> let's repea
. illinois senator dick durbin is calling on republicans to help change and improve obamacare. congressman, when i hear top democrats in the united states senate walking away from president obama's signature achievement, to me it means it's the beginning of the end. would you agree with me? >> well, i certainly wish that discussion would have happened a few years ago when we were first considering the bill. but i think the evidence is mounting that there are serious problems with not only how this is being implemented, but how it was designed in the first place. and their hands are tied. luke at everything from the navigators, to the costs, to all of these various aspects of how this bill is going to be operational. it's extremely difficult and when you look at what the administration recently said, they're going to hold off on the enforcement against businesses and we don't know what they're going to do with individuals, it tells they understand there are serious problems. i'm not sure they're admitting it. we'll see. stuart: if democrats are walking away from it that sends a huge signal
to change some of the filibuster rules. >> yeah, this is very interesting. there have been a lot of nominees that president obama has put forward who have not won any kind of confirmation or even a vote. so what democrats right now are saying is we're going to float some of these national labor relations board people. they know republicans don't want them picked. that's going to trigger a broader fight on rules in the senate. and democratic aide tells me is the big reason for this, one, there are a lot of new members who just don't feel like they need to adhere to old rules of the senate rules gone. the other part of this, though, is the chuck hagel hearing. they felt like they had a deal with republicans that they wouldn't filibuster and they did and there's a real gap of trust there. that's why they want to push for this. again, when you're in the majority one time, you'll be in the minority later. so these kinds of things are sort of like a water balloon. you press one side and the other pops up. >> want to mention jim up for confirmation as next fbi director. likely to see any issues the
president obama and being able to ask any questions that they can. that is something i have scene change in the last 20 years. people holding the government more accountable. one of the things that than if you don't know is three of the pulitzers went to mexico and that shows just how much journalism has really expanded in the last few years. the role of journalism. >> speaking of journalism one of the questions from the audience, reporting is such a difficult story. how do you decide who to trust? >> that is always a tough one. well it depends. if you cover organized crime you spend a lot of time with people and you are always crisscrossing information. one of the advantages i think i have is i have been based obviously in mexico city and on the border. that gives me three different sources of people to contact and check information. and really over the course of the years we know who to trust that you are constantly changing. especially in mexico, they are always changing officials so it's always getting back to an old source and saying what you know about this guy and what do you know
back aid to egypt in light the coup. they plan to deliver military jets in the coming weeks. the obama administration had not called it a coup meaning they do not have to halt aid to egypt. they don't want to make hasty changes. >>> a princess is suspect of a case of human trafficking. authorities say the wife of a saudi prince forced a kenyan woman to work as a servant 16 hours a day, seven days a week for $220 a month. the woman was apparently stripped of her passport, forced to move to this country and not allowed to leave. the arraignment was set for today. >>> some american service members may be getting less pay. the pentagon cutting danger pay in some areas like for soldiers on the ground in kuwait, sailors passing through the persian gulf. the pentagon tells the associated press areas once considered dangerous aren't anymore. iraq, afghanistan and other hot spots are still on the dangerous list. >>> we have lots of severe weather to tell you about. this is a frightening scene in colorado. it trapped dozens of cars and swept others away. it's in man tu springs. that is amazing.
then they were astonished to see that president obama was taking the power that they gave bush in the office. both sides do this. it's remarkable. then they look shocked when the power changes hands a couple of years later. >> michael: that's the funny part, oh my god, i can't believe it. if the shoe was on the other foot mcconnell would not hesitate for a moment to use the nuclear option. >> i think what is happened here you have not just one chamber but you have the white house. in terms of the moving policy in general whether it would be guns guns, climate control, dealing with budgets and now immigration, the democrats i think, would look and see why don't we see if we can do this without something like the nuclear option. if in fact, you believe as harry reid and some democrats do brief this is an extraordinary moment in which no matter what the president proposes, if the president wants it, we don't want it. this isn't just a game in which some nominees executive nominees are being held up for a while. that's happened for years. it happens from time to time. this is essentially every
behind closed doors to discuss possible changes to filibuster rules. senate majority leader harry reid says he has the votes needed to change the rules. democrats say the present -- the republicans are using the filibuster to block many of president obama's nominees. it first came up in 2005. here is some of that debate. it is one hour, 40 minutes. >> there are a lot of things one can do to gum up the works in the senate. what typically happens is that we exercise self restraint and we do not engaged in that behavior. is --ng of suction obstructionist tactics would upset the senate. in the 214 years, we could have done it, but we did not. by filibustering can qualify judicial nominees in 16 months, our democratic colleagues have broken this on written rule. this is not the first time a minority of cenci's have upset a traditional practice. have upset aors traditional practice. they have used article one to reform shouldn't -- senate procedure by a simple majority vote. the senate has repeatedly adjusted its rules as circumstances dictate. the first senate adopted its rules by majority
is influencing president obama's decision here. he gave this speech on climate a few weeks back and he seemed to lay out a new standard saying that, you know, keystone added to the climate change, fuzzy standard because of the way you can measure things like that, and interest didn't really give any further indication of which way he's going. he seems to be put thing off as long as he can. >> i will admit i have been foolish optimist on keystone thinking. the best of the president thinking he would approve and it you folks have been more skeptical. >> not only that, kim knows this also, that the keystone pipeline is a huge fund-raiser for the president and for environmental groups. that, i think, will answer your question. >> environmentalists treat keystone as a kind of religious toto. we are having two separate conversations. she thub talking about what is the safest, most environmentally sound way to move crude because that crude will be moved. >> all right. when we come back, first it was anthony weiner. now eliot spitzer attempt his own political comeback. is there something in the new y
based on what obama said last week, or week and a half ago about the war on coal and climate change. that's an inflationary pressure -pthat everyone is going to fee around the country. especially those who get their energy from goal. natural gas prices are projected to go up 42%. so everything about that climate change speech that he gave from georgetown university is inflationary. you're going to see your costs go up and see the stock prices probably rise from this point forward. charles: ed, the big contrarian, butowsky. i like the color theme this morning, your tie. and the key to obama care, is this the beginning of the end of the president's crowning achievement. and today we have a doctor who sued to stop the lawment is he ready to take a victory lap or what else does he have up his sleeve? right now the seven early movers for the morning. sin zynga, we know over the weekend, that the guy a that came from microsoft. in 2010 he had a meeting and they would have made more than 3.45, some people think that's a positive. so i tag those upgraded to a buy over at goldman sachs and g
to deferred to the administration about giving eight two egypt -- about giving aid to egypt. the obama ministration has not called the uprising in egypt a coup. egyptian monetary leaders signal a new egyptian presidential election could begin within six months from now. >> and will not be good to change our assistance programs to egypt. >> egyptian leadership times to lay out there plans for a new cabinet a potential rewrite of the country's constitution. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> many in maryland are keeping a close eye on egypt. george lettis explains how some in baltimore are reacting to the translation in egypt. >> good morning. we went to a business where workers and customers are doing their best to keep in touch with family and friends back in egypt. the owner helps customers while still keeping an eye on the latest news on egyptian television. his father and mother and sister have been protesting along with millions of other egyptians. customers were asking what the latest was and if this family was ok, including an egyptian american with funny of family in the thick of
is going to expand and change its face. rand paul's approach not only also into question the obama agenda and obamacare, but the great society and the new deal and maybe the lincoln administration, quite frankly. [laughter] with the role of government. and republicans are going to have to find an active, but ofited and positive role government in promoting social mobility in this country. the traditions that speak to that are the linktone he and traditions of protecting entrepreneurship and economic progress. the catholic tradition which talks about mediating institutions and solidarity with the poor. the evangelical reform tradition, the wilberforce tradition. all of those are more promising when it comes to appealing to the actual groups that republicans need to appeal to then libertarian ideology. [applause] >> thank you. go ahead and applaud. elaine, that leads to a question -- again i want to focus on policy rationale for the republican party. if i were a democrat, i will listen to all that and i was a, -- i would say, that's as good as far that goes. but we had a collapse of the eco
a little bit of that history, a little bit of that change that worked for president obama. >> and you have quoted stephanie cutter former adviser for president obama saying if secretary clinton runs she will be the nominee, the first female nominee of either party. does anybody, if she decides to do it, mike, even step into this race for the democrats? >> well sure. she's not going to say she's doing it for a while. she doesn't want to look too political. she's very popular right now. as soon as she's a definite candidate some of that will go away. vice president biden supporters certainly hope he'll get out there and politico is reporting that backers of vice president biden want him to be a little more aggressive with fund-raising. want him to play hard in 2014, form one of those leadership political action committees which lets him raise money for other candidates and so we're going to have this cold war between the two of them over time we'll figure out which one will be the stronger candidate. for a while it's going to be a real race. >> any behind-the-scenes discussion between the tw
there is a fair comparison. >> michael: if you're going to use the hypothetical about barack obama, which is clearly hypothetical. >> absolutely. >> michael: but had bill clinton also bilked the government, i'm not saying that's cha what kilpatrick did but it would have changed everything. >>> we learned that jack hunter, one of rand paul's aids was a neo-neo-confederate. what is with the stars and bars and everything. >> red white and blue. >> michael: it is. >> look, this is a problem when you get in bed with the right wing. because not all but a lot of right wing is still driven by antiquated notions of race and successsecessionism in the south. what does it say about senator paul from kentucky. he's a right wing nut that we thought he was, and b he has butt judgment in people who are working for him. >> michael: why do they flock to paul. ron paul was different than rand paul. ex-a texas congressman, but these types of neo-confederate politicians went to rand paul as well. >> the conservative party in this country is the republican party. the south is conservative. secessionism is sti
a corporation. >> leslie, let me talk from obama's standpoint look. why wouldn't he -- why wouldn't he not just come forward and -- tom harkin says he can't changeh the law, can't change the date. it's written into law. why doesn't the president of the united states say we'll do the employer thing for a year, let's hold off the individual mandate for a year. they would have problems too.obe and if that's in his political e interests, so what? tell the republicans do it and i'll take it and get the problem solved. >>> when we come back, we'll weigh in on the zimmerman case and we're going to talk about a, obama, holder, race, and what they think the result may be. that's coming up after the break. may be, after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] some question physics. some question gravity. and some... even have the audacity to question improbability. with best-in-class towing and best-in-class torque these are some of the bold, new ram commercial trucks -- built to blow your imagination. guts. glory. ram. uh-oguess what day it is!is??n. huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come
certainly owe it to our citizens who reelected president obama. now, i want to address one last point. and that is that it has been argued that what the majority leader is proposing, that is, that if necessary change the rule or change the application of the rule in order to make this place work again, is unprecedented. the presiding officer: the senator's time has expired. mr. merkley: thank you. i ask unanimous consent for one minute. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. merkley: thank you. i have in my hand a document the senate's power to make procedural rules by majority vote. this lays out a whole host of viewpoints expressed in 2005 that i think would be interesting reading for my colleagues across the aisle because it was their document. i also have a long list of cases where every other year on average we have changed the application of a rule in order to make the senate function in a different way, a better way. so this is far from unprecedented. it is time for us together as u.s. senators to do our responsibility, and restore the power to the executive branch to pu
>> thank you. >> harry reid and mitch change todebated a senate rules for filibusters. senator reid he said he may take its option because prevented president obama from picking the people he wanted. senator mcconnell said the filibuster change would be unprecedented. this is next on c-span. the house passed a revised farm bill today about food stamp and nutrition spending. , a look at the military and political situation in afghanistan. the new senior root -- congressional porter from political joining us. the meeting? of >> it sounds like harry reid is ready to go forward with the nuclear option, to change the senate rules by 51 votes, rather than the normal threshold of 67 votes. the higher threshold is usually your -- usually set to make it harder to occur. he says he is so frustrated with the use of the majority party to block legislation moving forward that he will invoke this very unusual procedure to change the rules by 51 votes. we want to vote -- change the filibuster rules so no longer 60 votes will be required to facinge a filibuster presidential nominees for executive b
to call for a vote on presidential nominees -- nominees by president obama to positions in the executive branch, about a half-dozen of them. they're going to call for a vote. if the republicans use a filibuster to block them, he will change the rules to end the use of the filibuster and the possibility of using a filibuster for executive nominations. senator reid pointing out how republicans have abused this rule. >> not a single cabinet nominee filibuster inned president carter's administration. not a single cabinet secretary nominee was filibustered in president george h.w. bush's administration. one cabinet secretary was filibuster inned the reagan administration and only one in president george w. bush's administration but already in the obama administration, four cabinet secretaries have been filibustered and more filibusters are likely. >> bill: and harry reid needs only 51 votes to make the change. he said yesterday yes he has those 51 votes. mitch mcconnell came out with his quivering voice and said i can't believe harry is doing this but if harry does this, his tombstone will re
first became emotionally charged to the point at that time even president obama weighed in. tothe politics of the sim trial next. the adelante movement. teaching tools for success, and fostering creativity. these programs are empowering people to lead positive change, and helping them discover how great a little balance can feel. through initiatives like these, our goal is to inspire more than three million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make, together. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. >> the protests have already begun in sanford, florida, as the jury in the george zimmerman trial deliberate their verdict of. and this very controversial case, the killing of trayvon martin. you remember sparked protests all over the country last year. after police originally decided not to arrest george zimmerman, citing florida's stand your ground law. that law essentially states people can use deadly force in order to defend themselves if
to president obama's to round program, saying it is under sufficient oversight. he is well known for reauthorizing the president spy program while forcing the bush administration to make changes. we will have more on his confirmation hearings later in the broadcast. a group of same-sex couples have filed suit challenging pennsylvania same-sex marriage ban, the first case over seat -- seeking to overturn a gay marriage ban since last month's right.n to defend that in julia lubork spoke from the pennsylvania capitol in harrisburg. >> there is public sentiment here that is rolling ever forward toward freedom to marry. >> it is a tragedy that talented, loving, productive citizens have to leave the state because their marriage is not recognized. >> the aclu plans to file similar cases in virginia and north carolina. the texas house has given provisional approval to the bill that would shut down nearly all the state's abortion clinics and ban abortion at 20 weeks post fertilization. republicans are seeking to push the measure through after last month's filibuster by texas state senator
, and the democrats won the women's vote. president obama, by a lot. and the republicans said you know what? we -- we've got to change. we've got to reach out. and this is their chance. this woman deserves a promotion. there is nothing in her record that should make anyone fear her. she's a good woman. she's a hardworking person. shehas won unanimous support frm this body before, and there is no reason why we should not confirm her. and i'm going to continue to speak out for gina. i really do believe my colleagues are hearing the truth about gina. i think they're getting the message that she's quite bipartisan, that she has strong support in the business community, in the health community, among scientists and others. and i am very hopeful, first of all, that there not be a filibuster. the woman deserves an up-or-down vote. and that, secondly, my colleagues will think long and hard, and they will agree with so many republican lawmakers, former governors who served with gina, who stand up and say she's a good woman, and she deserves this promotion. thank you very much, mr. president. i would note the
with president obama, he waved his pen. think about that. that's one man in a criff 330 million of us, that chose to change our immigration laws and how we implement them and how we enforce them. one man in a criff 330 million -- in a country of 330 million, without a debate, without a discussion, and without a vote. that's unacceptable and the american people are telling us that. in my district they say, secure the borders, no amnesty, absolutely not. and it goes back to, what are we doing? are we trying to protect a certain group or a certain business or are we trying to protect america? and again, our job is to protect this country, it's a national security issue. d like you brought up, dr. fleming, comprehensive. when we hear that word comprehensive i think we all kind of run and hide because it reminds us of comprehensive health care reform. comprehensive financial reform. and i think when i talk to the people in our district, and you guys will probably mimic this, i don't have anybody against immigration. they want it done properly. and so i think what we need to talk about is responsible i
awaited report to president obama are after the monitoring of fox news correspondent james rosen's personal emails. and now we're told there is some big changes coming in how they treat we journalists. we will look at it next. everybody has different investment objectives, ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different. ishares core. find out why 9 out of 10your large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. when you experience something great,ou want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. government got approval to monitor his calls by saying he might be a co-con spirit. there was never any intention to prosecuting him. the new rules mean the government can't monitor reporters' calls unless the reporters are actu
raises a lot of questions about whether the obama administration can simply a door the law when it is convenient for them to do. judge andrew napolitano. shortly, the president can change the implementation of a law. he can change the regulations by which that law is empowered. >> well, i hate to give you this ambiguous answer. yes and no. the president is the chief law enforcer of the land. the president could very well say to the justice department, the states that have medical marijuana in them, do not enforce the medical marijuana laws. that is an executive decision on his part. even though congress offered laws saying it is illegal everywhere and in all circumstances. put that on obamacare. the obligations of employers, 50 people or board to provide health care that meets the federal standard shall commence on january 1, 2014. if the white house says to the irs, the enforcing agent, do not enforce it until january 1, 2015, he has inherent discretion as to when, how and under what circumstances he will enforce the law. the president shall, not made, not when and how he wants
morning, everyone. we begin with a big headline about the war in afghanistan. president obama is considering withdrawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan next year. and that would change from the current plan. in recent weeks, the white house has become increasingly frustrated with afghan president hamid karzai. >>> also, a stunning revolution about the hunt for osama bin laden. he was reportedly inside a car, pulled over for speeding in pakistan, not long after 9/11. but the police officer apparently didn't recognize him because bin laden was clean shaven. a leaked report reveals that bin laden wore a cowboy hat in his garden to avoid being spotted by drones. >>> the white house is refusing to cut off aid to egypt. soldiers shot dozens of protesters monday. egypt's interim leader has called for new elections within six months. >>> and closer to home, look at this severe storms dumping record rain in toronto in the middle of the evening rush, stranding thousands of commuters. opening up huge sinkholes and forcing the subway to close. firefighters had to use boats to rescue hun
emissions. >> that was president obama. >> he is advocating for fracking, without saying the word "fracking." what is really disappointing about this is this is a moment when an american president has spoken about climate change and limited obvious desire to take on the problem, however, the emphasis on fracked gas makes this thing entirely wrong. the plan focuses on carbon dioxide but how we count global warming potential he is in carbon dioxide equivalent and methane, which is leaking out of the sites in very large quantities is a super greenhouse gas, 100 times more potent than co2 in the atmosphere. seeing sevenwe're to 17% of total production methane leaking into the atmosphere, moving from coal to fracked gas does not give you any climate benefit at all. the plan should be how we are moving off fossil fuels and into renewable energies. >> what is stopping that? >> this administration has done a lot of meetings with the natural gas industry. ofre is an undue influence their promotion of themselves on the policy. what we're doing is asking president obama, please, meet with the families
with -- president obama introduced a budget that did not go anywhere but did include cuts to social security. it would change the way inflation were measured. members strongly opposed that proposal. organized a series of actions including a big rally in d.c., backed up by hundreds of thousands of moveon members. our members have a great deal of respect for the president. when he stands up on progressive there, they are right with him. when he takes positions he disagrees with, they let them know that as well. host: what about the reactions to nsa surveillance programs? guest: we have seen a great deal of attention about this blanket vacuuming up of information from americans. coalitionhas joined a called stop watching us and other organizations that are calling for the hatred act to be reforms, for there to be accountability for elected officials that have supported this program. whetherare questioning this kind of surveillance approach is necessary to keep us safe or healthy for our democracy. organizing is starting to bubble up. moveon is a powerful community of 8 million progressives. and
three of the president's most radical appointees to very very powerful labor posts and changing the rules to do it. this is short-sighted. it's a bad precedent. president barack obama, when he was a senator said going into the nuclear option was a bad idea as did harry reid. this is a bad precedent. if democrats do this, they have to remember the republicans will have those exact same rules if and when they win the senate in 2014 and beyond. >> touching on something with the national labor relations board and suggestion this is a big thank you to the unions for being so instrumental in channeling money into democratic coffers when it comes election time and harry reid in particular was benefit of that and this may be his time to pay them back. emily, what do you think? >> look, two of the nominees the president has nominated are actually management side labor lawyers. all they're trying to do is keep the national labor board functioning. if you're an american worker, a lot of what the national labor board has been talking about recently is free speech rights. if you're an americ
it all together. >> doug luzader has more. >> the white house says obama care should be delayed for businesses republicans say individuals deserve a delay in this as well. this is the most controversial part. image knee say the government is struggling to establish the health insurance changes. some may not be completely ready in time republicans are calling for a delay. >> individual mandate is set to kick in on january 1st of next year. that will give 6 million americans on average $1,200 tax increase. >> the white house delayed the employer mandate that provided insurance by a full year. kritd ticks say the evidence of the entire plan is not ready for prime time. >> now what happened late before holiday a weekend the administration on a blog post essentially whispers it's not working. >> despite accusations the president is violating the law by delaying some deed lines while planning to enforce others the white house says this is all within his authority. >> people who suggest there is nothing less than a delay are sticking their heads in the stand or are ignorant about past
of president obama's homeland security department. just in time for a bruising debate over immigration reform. this is "special report." good evening, i'mr. janet napolitano, homeland security secretary, is quitting. mike emanuel has how big a change this will be, especially in the immigration debate, how it could effect that. we begin with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on today's stunner. good evening. >> reporter: source not authorized to speak on the record tells fox news they were forced to go public after l.a. times got a jump on her decision to take the top job at university of california. secretary janet napolitano sworn in by president obama in january, 2009, is the first woman to leave the department, and after four and a half years, leaves office as the longest serving secretary of homeland security. in a statement, the president thanked the former arizona governor for her service, quote, the american people are safer and more secure thanks to janet's leadership. i've come to rely on janet's judgment and advice. republican peter king, past chairman at the house
to $750 million. that is 200 less than the obama administration predicted. the obama administration revised its forecast made in april, and are now projecting that economim growth should be slightly slowet in the coming days. >>> d.c. embattled fire chieff should get a boost for a change. >>> first peanuts and crackerker jacks, hot dogs as well. well. you won't believe how manybeli pounds you may be packing on att the ballpark. i bet you, we will believe t. >> i don't want to know. >> it's the ballpark, you have e hot dog, right, tucker. >>> i have lots, and lots ofof them. warm and humid conditions today. thunderstorms this afternoon. we will talk about the weatherth and the ecool weather on the wa and julie has traffic rightc after the break.  >>> welcome back to fox 5 morning a pretty decent start to the the day. time is 5:15. here is a question for you. headed to the ballpark. here is something to keep in in mind for those of you watching a your waistline. >> uh-huh. uhu >> you do it, are you ready for this. >> all right, bring it on. >> some fans say the
that ever came through this body that was perfect. we need change. ou cannot deny that obama care is helping millions of americans. you want chapter and verse, i'll give it to you. you cannot deny that most employers offer health insurance even without a mandate. and small businesses will be exempt. you have no idea about health reform yourself. in fact those put before the congress your own party rejecked. o you can't have it both ways. more important, it is better to be right than fast. you know that better than anybody on this panel. things change. things need to be corrected. so mr. falk, when you say the information is not existing, i will give you the information. >> i can't say it was not in existence, sir. >> well, it's here. in fact, on the first page of the regulations, which you referred to, you haven't looked at anyway, is a very interesting int of this legislation, the medical loss ratio. do you know what that is? >> no, i don't, sir. >> let me tell you what the medical loss ratio is. that is ainsurance companies now spend a rovide and specified percentage of premium dollars on
if the republican party is going to expand and change its face. rand paul's approach not only also calls into question the obama agenda and obamacare, but the great society and the new deal and maybe the lincoln administration, quite frankly. [laughter] with the role of government. and republicans are going to have to find an active, but limited and positive role of government in promoting social mobility in this country. the traditions that speak to that are the lincolnian and traditions of protecting entrepreneurship and economic social mobility. the catholic tradition which talks about mediating institutions and solidarity with the poor. the evangelical reform tradition, the wilberforce tradition.great moral causes. all of those are more promising when it comes to appealing to the actual groups that republicans need to appeal to then libertarian ideology. [applause] >> thank you. go ahead and applaud. elaine, that leads to a question again i want to focus on policy rationale for the republican party. if i were a democrat, i will listen to all that and i was a, i would say, that's as g
in the minority again. republicans eagerly reair a quote from 2005. quote, if they choose to change the rules and put an end to democratic debate, then the fighting, the bitterness and gridlock will only get worse. that was said by then senator barack obama. if we learned one thing after the bourque judicial fight is they copy cat each other. they are trying to stop democratic laws from being implemented or appointing executive branch appointees from being affirmed, you can bet they will return the favor next time there's a gop president. meanwhile the fight in congress is over student loan rates which doubled. yesterday house republicans tripped up the capital steps to very publicly blame senate democrats for failing to pass a bill. >> the white house and senate democrats have let these students down. frankly, i think they deserve better. the failure to lead on student loans is part of the president's larger issue and that is the failure to lead on the biggest issues facing our country. >> right now what they have done over there is worse for students than doing nothing at all. >> last night
, president obama's nominee for labor secretary, is getting similar treatment. behind the scenes senate democrats are preparing, this is real, i talked to someone on the hill about this today, they're preparing to change filibuster, invoking the so-called nuclear option to change senate rules to only a simple majority would be required to confirm nominees for federal agencies' cabinet appointments. senate democrats are at long last way, way, way overdue coming to a conclusion only a reasonable person can. the filibuster is a cancer that is threatening to kill off not just the senate but the executives' ability to do the routine daily functions of government. joining me now, senator jeff merkley, democrat from oregon. senator sherrod brown, democrat from ohio. senator brown, i want to twin with you. this can all take on a grounds hog day quality. republicans are blocking nominees and people say, well both sides do it and when it was a republican president, democrats blocked nominees. there's something qualitatively different about blocking nominees not because you have an objection to th
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